Silica sol process precision cast manufacturing

metals investment cast technique we answer higher demand submitted such as polishing or processing demands that require big temperature and wear-resistant nickel titanium or severe demands using cobalt castings as an example. Every customer’s requirements are carefully scrutinized in contract so you are positive your precision castings are perfectly suited to your needs. We focus on stainless steel and iron-carbon alloy precision casting process, which will produce the most complex, finely detailed lost wax castings possible. we are Foshan Zeren Metal co. ,ltd., a committed team that supplies professional manufacturing for casting precision, we are a well-known manufacturer of investment castings. Producing a entire range of air melt alloys, our committed team assures that our investment castings solutions meet entirely all your expectations.

Unlike other casting processes, investment casting produces net frame parts along great surface accomplishment and dimensional accuracy. This manufacturing operation is perfect for applications that have relatively low productivity quantities (100 to 1000 pieces) or fast changing commodity templates. The crucial railing in pattern development and short-term output is the time and expense to inject molds. Safety and the well being of our employees is the priority in all we achieve. The lost wax procedure is very suitable for producing investment castings along sophisticated forms and high dimensional precision & quality. Some examples of commodities delivered by Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Ltd. Are : synchronous transmissions for hydraulic systems and grid plates for filter systems. Engineered investment casting system, metals low wax cast process, lox wax precision cast technology in China, engineered low wax cast quote in Guangdong

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