Silica sol process precision cast products in Foshan

lox wax investment precision casting method in  Guangdong We are a well-known manufacturer of precision investment casting. Our product range includes telecom equipment elements, mechanical items, fitness furniture, valve pumps, kitchen devices, auto elements, high-speed rail parts, military products and generator items, pharmaceutical equipment elements. We use state-of-the-art machinery and unique process capabilities to supply our customers with small complex casting choices. Our professional team realizes plus expertise to guarantee that our precision casting solutions constantly meet your needs.

Investment casting, also called investment casting, is a lost wax casting process widely used for producing ferrous and nonferrous alloy parts. With investment casting, we can cast almost 200 alloys. These metals range from ferrous – stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel and ductile iron – to non-ferrous – copper, aluminum and brass. The only process that matches this breadth of matters is machining, but it cannot generate the sophisticated geometries that precision casting can do. As map complication surges, the tooling commonly becomes too pricey and too time consuming to do prototype and low quantity manufacturing pragmatic. Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Ltd. Is conscious of minimizing its impact on the surrounding environment. We have automated some of our key manufacturing lines and are frequently assessing and implementing mechanization. Foshan Zeren Metal products ltd. Is a key participant within the process business when it comes to investment casting. Some examples of commodities produced by Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Ltd. Are : synchronous transmissions for hydraulic structures and grid plates for filter systems. Parts precision cast technology in Foshan, stainless steel low wax cast services, stainless steel investment precision casting provider, stainless steel low wax cast estimation

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