Stainless steel investment casting system in Foshan

stainless steel investment cast manufacturing in  China Our commodity area includes telecom equipment elements, mechanical elements, fitness furniture, valve pumps, kitchen machines, auto parts, high-speed rail parts, military products and generator elements, pharmaceutical furniture elements. We use modern machinery and unique process capabilities to supply our clients with small sophisticate casting selections. Our professional team produces plus skill to guarantee that our investment casting solutions continually meet your expectations. All of this is matched precisely to your wishes and needs. Achieving an optimal casting through joint dialogue is our general rule. The scale of co-development is decisive in your project’s achievement. We are Foshan Zeren Metal co. ,ltd., a dedicated team that accommodates professional production for investment casting, we are a leading manufacturer of precision castings. Manufacturing a entire range of air melt metals, our committed team assures that our investment castings solutions meet perfectly all your expectations.

The company produces product categories : telecommunication furniture accessories, automated parts, fitness furniture, valves, kitchen utensils, cars, high-speed rail accessories and military products. In brief, all products that are extended based on investment casting can be assembled by our factory. With precision casting, we can exploit near 200 alloys. These alloy range from ferrous – stainless steel, instrument steel, carbon steel and ductile iron – to non-ferrous – aluminum, copper and brass. We precisely adhere to minimum working age demands and maximum allowed active hours. Further, we offer a large freedom in both design and material selection of your desired castings. Investment castings are named the highest quality castings accessible on the market. International investment precision cast quality standards, precision lox wax investment casting process, precision lox wax investment precision cast products in China, precision lox wax precision casting quality control

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