Engineered low wax cast supplier

iron investment precision cast ring Every customer’s requirements are carefully analyzed in contract so you are sure your precision castings are correctly adapted to your needs. We focus on stainless steel and carbon steel investment casting production, which will do the most complex, finely detailed lost wax castings possible. We are a leading manufacturer of precision casting.

When cast in vacuum, excellent alloys are also available. Los is treated according to government standards. Our staffs search for new equipment, methods and processes along the goal of producing products of exceptional quality. Further, we offer a large freedom in both scheme and matter selection of your desired castings. Some models of commodities delivered by Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Are : synchronous transmissions for hydraulic systems and grid plates for filter tools. Parts precision casting equipment suppliers, international precision casting manufacturers in Guangdong, silica sol investment precision cast manufacturer in Foshan, engineered investment casting equipment in Foshanav

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