Iron low wax cast machine in Guangdong

engineered investment casting provider Foshan Zeren Metal products co., where precision casting is about silica solvent precision casting! With a casting factory and a process manufactory. All our customer’s requirements are rigorously analyzed in contract review and confirmed so you are sure your precision castings are ideally adapted to your needs. We are a leading manufacturer of precision investment casting used in critical applications from Aerospace and Electricity generation to Medical and military markets. Our products include automated valves, car valves, production hardware, medical furniture, valve fittings, sewing instruments, knitting fittings, pneumatic tools and naval hardware. Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Is your safe collaborator in the field of precision investment castings and extremely values a good client relationship. All of this is matched exactly to your wishes and needs. Achieving an optimal casting through joint dialogue is our general principle. The degree of co-development is decisive in your project’s achievement. Manufacturing a full range of air fuse alloys, our dedicated team ensures that our precision investment castings solutions meet perfectly all your expectations.

The only operation that matches this breadth of matters is machining, but it can not provide the complex shapes that investment casting can deliver. We strictly pursued minimal working age demands and maximum permit active hours. Further, we offer a large freedom in both design and material choice of your needed castings. Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Ltd. Has produced many elements, which are frequently cast into special alloys. These proper alloys are applied because the components usually operate in environments that are either aggressive, subjected to grand differences in temperature or commodities that are required to be highly tough, solid or light. Iron investment casting firm, steel investment precision casting rapid prototyping in Guangdong, engineered investment precision cast quality control in Guangdong, metals precision casting process

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