Parts low wax cast process

lox wax low wax casting provider in  Foshan Our attention to detail using precision casting and the machining techniques produces the best quality alloys castings for various industries. We are a well-known manufacturer of precision casting used in crucial applications from Auto-mobile and Power generation to Pharmaceutical and defense markets. Foshan Zeren Metal products ltd. Is your safe collaborator in the field of precision investment castings and highly values an excellent customer service. In excellent partnership with you as our client, we would like to perform as a development collaborator, sharing our thinkings and notions about product design, matter selection, measurements or machining. All of this is matched exactly to your wishes and needs. Achieving a perfect casting through joint discussion is our general rule. The scale of co-development is decisive in your project’s achievement.

This production procedure is perfect for applications that have approximately low production quantities (100 to 10, 000 parts) or rapidly changing product templates. Safety and the wellbeing of our workers is the priority in everything we accomplish. We constantly strive to incorporate machinery in its processes to ameliorate efficiency and quality. The lost wax method is very perfect for producing investment castings along sophisticated forms and long dimensional accuracy & quality. Parts low wax casting technology in Foshan, steel low wax cast products, lox wax low wax casting technology in China, parts investment precision cast factory in Foshan

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